Want to have your own character made into a print?  Just send over a link to your armory or a link to an image of your character to have him or her sketched in my style!  Now, if you’re not familiar with my style, it’s very stylized and cartoony (check out my webcomics for reference).  ALSO, you should include in the notes a few little lines about your character.  Like, things he/she likes, skills, things that are important to you or the character.  I can also do all kinds of stuff.  Just about anything really.  So put in the notes what you want specifically and I’ll do my best to do it.

These will be digital productions, meaning made with a wacom, so you’ll be sent the files to do with how you please.  Production times may vary, but because of the scale, I’d like to put a 3 week minimum production time for these.  It “could” be less, could be more, but that’s the general time.  ish.

Commissions will come in 3 flavors: Inked (just an outline), Colored (subject is colored and shaded), Full (background dropped in… probably should specify what you’re wanting… else I’ll make stuff up… then weird things happen…)

Here are a few samples of things I did at the con.  Mostly of my friends and I as wowland peoples, super heroes, and misc.

Shipping Rate:
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